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Several registered yearling bulls and heifers as well as bred heifers. Sires include OCC Paxton, Connealy Capitalist, GAR Sunrise, SAV Brilliance, and SAV Bismarck. Additional information and pics to be posted soon!


We have 9 IVF embryos available at this time by SAV Blackcap May 4554 (17893602). Embryos sired by SAV Ten Speed 3022 (17633563).

Additional matings coming summer of 2018 by SAV Blackcap May 4554, CornerStone Blackcap May 80J and MNM Just Enuff Erica 1415.

Naturally Raised Beef *** See availability below***

In addition to raising registered Black Angus, we continue to finish a number of steers through the winter months. This premium naturally raised Black Angus beef is grain finished, never implanted with growth hormones, or given antibiotics. Dried sea kelp which provides a wide array of micro-nutrients, chelated minerals along with a stress-free environment help to ensure a healthy and high-quality product. These steers are typically ready in April just in time for the start of the grilling season. They are processed at Bryan's Meat Cutting in East Smithfield. Bryan's is a USDA inspected facility and do an outstanding job. Freezer beef is available in quarters and halves.

We charge $3.75 a lb. based on the hot hanging weight of the carcass. Typically, a hanging weight is roughly 780lbs. Based on that weight, a 1/4 of that would weigh 195lbs. Price therefore would be $731.25 for the 1/4. The quarter is what is referred to as a "split half". When the butcher cuts the carcass down he splits the cuts from the front and rear quarters. That way the cuts are equally divided from both ends of the animal. Your hanging weight would be 195lbs. What you would receive would be app 130lbs as the carcass is dry aged in a cooler for 7-10 days. This process causes evaporation of water weight from the carcass. Aging along with trimming and deboning causes the reduction in weight from the initial hot carcass weight. Therefore, you are in the end paying app $5.65 per lb. for the cuts you receive ($731.25 / 130lbs). Cuts include sirloin steak, chuck roast, round roast, rolled rump roast, chuck steak, stew meat, minute steak, top round roast, sirloin tip roast, short ribs, Delmonico, porterhouse, T-bone, soup bones, 1 lb. tubes of ground beef, 10 lbs. of 1/4 lb. hamburger patties (can have more of the ground meat pressed into patties if desired). You could even get the liver, tongue, and heart if you wanted!

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing either breeding stock or freezer beef, feel free to message or call us for information.

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